Welcome to the Eraniss Minecraft Server's website. The invitation (white list) only server is currently running Minecraft version 1.4.7 with several mods. If you've been invited to play and were pointed to this page, please take a quick read of the rules and use the Installation Instructions link for help with downloading MultiMC (an open source minecraft launcher that lets you have multiple versions of minecraft installed) and the various mods we currently use. Required mods must be installed in order to connect to the server. Optional client side mods provide further benefits and changes to your minecraft client but are not required to connect to the server and play.


We started playing a modded skyblock challenge type of map. Just leaving it up for the time being since no one has been on the regular server (contact me otherwise, so I can be sure to put the regular server up when the other is not in use). Files are under mc.eraniss.org/files/as2/ for anyone else that wants to play.

Updating the version of Botania on the server today. Just this one mod, no config changes needed. Download the jar here and place into the mods folder. Be sure to removethe old Botania r1.3-153 jar file. No other changes needed.

Server is updated to v4 of the 1.7.10 pack. A quick look around and things seem okay. Let me know if anyone notices anything off. See post below for downloads.

Almost ready to update the server. Not tonight but probably tomorrow. We'll be using a new version of forge (build 1291) here and the new pack (v4) is here.

To upgrade, run the forge installer and install the client version. Edit your eraniss profile and switch the "Use version" dropdown to the new version of forge.

Then just update the pack itself. Be sure to backup your profile's directory (the game directory you set up for the eraniss pack profile- at least the mods and config folders). Then just remove the mods and config folders and replace them with the ones in the new pack. If upgrading, you won't need to worry about the resourcepacks directory.

You may want to copy back in your old mods/VoxelMods folder as that contains any waypoints you added for the VoxelMap mod.

Still needing to work on updating the main server's pack. In the meantime, threw together a pack for TerraFirmaCraft. Hoping to get everyone interested together to play this on a weekly basis or something along those lines. It requires build 1272 of forge here and the mod pack here.

Due to a server crashing bug, we had to update thaumic energistics from 0.7.0b to 0.7.1b. You can download it here. Just put it in the mods/ folder and replace the 0.7.0b version.

Another big update. Mystcraft finally available for 1.7.10! Also updates to many other mods as well as adding wireless redstone, chickenchunks, and translocators. Also updating to a new version of forge.

Download the new forge here. Remember to change your profile to use this version after installing the client.

Download the new modpack here and install the usual way.

Doing another update. The usual proceedures for updating things, etc. Download the 1.7.10 v2 pack here.

EDIT: Ye Gamol Chattels was giving an error and I don't feel like figuring it out right now so remove the YeGamolChattels-1.1.jar and IvToolkit-1.0 from your mods directory after updating to remove these mods.

We are going ahead with the 1.7.10 update, even though we are missing some mods (the big one being Mystcraft). We'll add the missing mods as they are available (and in the case of Mystcraft, cheat back in the pages we already have). To update, it is recommended you start fresh with a new 1.7.10 profile. You can cop over your VoxelMap waypoints from your old mods/VoxelMap directory after the fact. To update, you'll need a new version of forge here and the new mod pack here. Damage Indicators had a bad download before but I just checked again and it was okay, so you can manually just add this one mod if you like by downloading it here and putting in the mods directory.

Due to a bad crashy crashy bug, we had to upgrade the modular flower pots mod. Download the new file here and replace the .12 version in your mods folder (same config is fine).

We'll be starting the server this evening. There is a minor update to the pack compared to the one put up yesterday. Download the -v2 pack here.

Getting ready for the server launch on Tuesday. There MAY me a minor update to the pack between now and then but otherwise things are pretty much finalized and ready to go, so everyone can download the pack and make sure it's up and running okay (and help seed hunt, perhaps). Remember to switch to Forge build 1112 (new profile, using that forge, load it once, then copy in the mods and configs). You may also want to up the RAM usage for the pack. For example: Set the "JVM Arguments" to: "-Xmx2G -Xms2G -XX:PermSize=256M" (the PermSize may be required due to the larger number of mods being used, probably doesn't need to be set that high, though, 128M is probably still more than enough).

Download forge here. Then the pack is here.

Here's update 5 for the 1.7.2 test pack. Same deal for updating, though it requires a new version of forge you can get here. Then the pack is here.

Here's update 4 for the 1.7.2 test pack. Same deal for updating, though it requires a new version of forge you can get here. Then the pack is here.

If all goes well, we'll be on update 3 of the 1.7.2 test pack tonight. Same version of forge, new and updated mods. Same instructions for updating as below. Download the updated pack here .

Going to be updated the 1.7.2 test pack tonight. Updates to many mods, plus adding a few more that are ready for 1.7.2 (thaumcraft, compact solars, etc). To update, download and run the new forge here and be sure to edit your profile so that it uses the new forge build (1060). Then remove the mods folder from your game directory, though you may want to backup the VoxelMap directory first in order to keep your waypoints. Then download the modpack here and unzip it to your game folder.

We're doing a pre-beta test of a bunch of 1.7.2 mods. This is not the full modpack nor the "real" eventual 1.7 server (so this is not the server we'll be using when we go to 1.7 for real). But if you want to test, download forge here and run it to install the client. Be sure to create a new profile with a new game directory, then download the pre1 pack here and unzip to that profile's game directory.

Note, because of the size, you /may/ need to set PermSize, though I'm not sure. If getting crashes or just want to be safe you can set it if you have the memory. For example, so set 2GB for the game and 256MB for the PermSize (assuming a 4GB or higher system), you can set the "JVM Arguments" to: "-Xmx2G -Xms2G -XX:PermSize=256M".

NOTE: Due to SMP issues in the current version of Ye Gamol Chattels is not SMP compatable. Remove YeGamolChattels-1.0.jar from the mods folder. Also remove Oceancraft an Secret Rooms (same reason).

The minecraft2 server is going live tonight to primarily play with a brand new nature based magic mod: Witchery. The mod adds lots of neat stuff. Modpack download is here.

So to give us a break from the more magic focused and creative building of the main server, we decided to throw together a more techy pack for the minecraft2 server. Basically, to try out the new Thermal Expansion 3 mod and Project Red along with taking a look at the Alternate Terrain Gen mod. Jump over to the Minecraft 2 page to get the downloads.